What is family violence?

What is the domestic violence ? This is defined as the physical, sexual or psychological suffering experienced by the members of a family, generated by one of its members, regardless of the space where it occurs. This problem is experienced in seven of every 10 Mexican homes.

The domestic violence in Mexico it affects well-being, physical integrity, psychological or freedom and the right to full development of people, according to information published by the World Health Organization (WHO)

According to an investigation carried out by María Angélica Fauné , published in the Proposal for a Plan for Comprehensive Attention to Intrafamily Violence for the Health Sector , this one is characterized by:

  1. It is exercised against women, minors and older adults
  2. The place where it is done is at home
  3. It is practiced to a greater extent by men
  4. Abandonment of one of the members of the family
  5. Physical, psychological or sexual abuse

For its part, the National Institute of Women (Inmujeres) created a test to identify if you are a victim of domestic violence and promptly address the situation. Some of the questions are the following:

  1. Do you feel that your partner is constantly controlling you?
  2. Do you accuse of infidelity or that you act in a suspicious way?
  3. Have you lost contact with friends, family, work partners to prevent your partner from getting upset?
  4. Do you humiliate and / or criticize you, in public or in private, about your appearance, your way of being or the way you do your homework, among others?
  5. Has he hit you with his hands, with an object or thrown things at you when he gets angry or arguing?
  6. Has he ever threatened you with an object or weapon, or with killing himself, you or any member of the family?

If you answered positively, you are in a situation of domestic violence and it is urgent that you go with a specialist to solve it.

In general, the affected people do not report the abuses, due to fear of social prejudice, economic dependence and fear of reprisals. This situation generates stronger family problems, because the domestic violence It can generate divorce of couples and death.

Therefore, specialists recommend being aware of the signs of any type of abuse and report or share the situation with someone you trust, to avoid increasing the problem.

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