What is accumulated fat

The accumulated fat is one of the main problems that women face when we want to lose weight, but, How to know if we need surgery?


What is accumulated fat

It is understood as localized fat when a person is at his ideal weight but, some can be observed chubby that no matter how much you diet or exercise, it is not possible to disappear them.

Before making a decision, it is necessary for a doctor to determine the percentage of fat that accumulates in that area, otherwise you could put your health at risk.

According to data from the SEEDO (laboratories), the ranges of body mass d They should be the following:


  • Normal range: 24% -30%
  • Limit: 31% - 33%
  • Obesity: more than 33%


  • Normal: 12% - 20%
  • Limit: 21% - 25%
  • Obesity: more than 25%

If your range is considered obesity you must first lose weight through a balanced diet or exercise. But, if your accumulated fat does not disappear and you are within your normal range, you could resort to surgery; Of course, this decision must be made by a specialist.

your localized fat , it can be eliminated without risking your health.


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