What habits should you change in the summer?

Not only do they put your health at risk, they also interrupt the natural rhythm of life, as well as hinder reaching your goals, but is there an ideal time to change bad habits?

In reality there is no age or season in which the change of habits is simple, however, summer is a time that favors the transition. In accordance with James Clear, founder of the website "The art of being better" There are three strategies to transform these actions into positive ones, which can be found in these months of the year:

1. Choose a substitute for your bad habit.

2. Join your efforts with someone.

3. Surround yourself with people who live the way you want to live.


What habits should you change in the summer?

GetQoralHealth offers you five actions, which you have no excuse for not changing them for healthier actions.

1. Goodbye to television and to the sofa. For Fernando Vio del Rio, expert of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology , the summer weather is ideal to start a physical activity, mainly in the mornings; with it, you not only accelerate your metabolism to burn calories but also you will be able to avoid the damage the sun can produce in your body.

2. Change of diet. The summer is excellent to change towards a healthy diet, due to the varied offer of exquisite fruits and vegetables that is given in this season.

While you can have fruits and vegetables all year round in very adequate quantity and quality at affordable prices, summer is an excellent opportunity to reduce your calorie intake and replace it with foods that are high in fiber, minerals, antioxidants and bioactive products. that are going to be in direct benefit of health.

3. Stop smoking. The months of holidays are a great opportunity to stop smoking, being free of the stress of work, social activities and other concerns of daily life that serve as a justification for not quitting.

4. Say no to sadness! Laughter is an incredible medicine because it allows you not only to oxygenate your body better but to make better decisions in your life, this is because it helps you to have a better attitude.

5. Walks outside the office. Sunny days are tempting. Make meetings outside of your work space or try to implement a few laps around your office to your daily routine. Without a doubt, you will feel better.

Summer only lasts a few months, but your change of habits must be permanent. This with the aim that its benefits improve your life. You have the decision!

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