What does your headache mean?

Their presence is usually related to external factors such as stress or worry and in some cases to periodic events such as menstruation; However, the headache can be the mechanism through which your body expresses some problem that exists in your health.

According to the neurology professor and program director "Headache" from Stanford University, Robert Cowan, each headache is accompanied by different symptoms, many of which do not have an adequate or timely diagnosis to prevent future damage to the patient's well-being.

For this reason GetQoralHealth , with information from Huffington Post presents you, the types of headaches that you may suffer throughout your life.

1. Stress It's the most common, Cowan says. This is caused by stress, anxiety, alcohol, eye strain, as other triggers.

2. Cluster headaches . It occurs due to the excessive use of medication (formerly known as rebound headache).

3. SUNCT headaches. In this, patients experience sharp, brief pains, hundreds of times a day to the point that they can only be controlled through medications.

4. Due to injury. For Dawn C. Buse, associate professor of neurology at the Albert Eisntein College of Medicine of the University of Yeshiva , the pain can be a direct consequence of a trauma, which has several causes: a car accident or a blow in the practice of a sport.

5. Effort It can happen after coughing, exercising or even after having sex.

6. Migraine . It is the only headache accompanied by sensory symptoms known as aura. For this condition there is no medication that can alleviate it.

Cowan suggests that for a timely diagnosis, the patient should have the answer to the following questions:

1. How long have you presented the headaches?

2. How severe are they?

3. How frequent?

4. And what triggers do you think influence them?

Also, having all your history, ordered, can be a great help.

According to the Spanish Association of patients with Cafalea, the headaches are the most underrated conditions worldwide, but their presence can be a symptom of a serious problem in your health. Take care and consult a specialist!

Video Medicine: Is it a Headache or a Migraine? (February 2023).