What does 'Gaslight' mean?

The dependence to a couple, many times it is linked to deeper factors that we do not easily identify, you have asked yourself if your partner causes discomfort in you,nervous breakdown , insomnia, anxiety, fear ? If you identify some, you can be in the middle of a 'Gaslight' with your partner , or psychological harassment.

According to psychology, 'Gaslight' it exhausts you and disables you in your decision making, you become unable to control the symptoms and you feel that dependence on the couple leads you to feel good, with the same person who hurts you.


What does 'Gaslight' mean?

"Gas light" in the strict sense, a form of slavery in the relationship that has been used until the exhaustion in classic cinema, because they are techniques of handling to the couple through seduction , the lie, the invalidation and the abuse in the admiration for the couple.

This limitation in the relationship becomes sick, it's like a role play between stalker and prey , the harasser isolates the couple from their friends and family, to be without support and feel that he is their only "savior".


Psychological violence

The 'gaslight' in the couple, it is a type of psychological violence directly to the brain of the victim, it is like a brainwashing where you register false or incomplete information, which makes the victim distrust their memory, perception and sanity.

This happens every time someone deliberately lies to us with the purpose of altering our perception of the circumstances and taking advantage of it, even if they know that one is right.


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