What do they think of you when listening to you?

There are infinite sounds in the universe but none like the human voice.

Think of your favorite announcer, or that person who listening to you on the phone causes you a lot of feelings, and such when you hear that female voice so characteristic that when you shout your name ... and you run out to lift your room.

The voice is so important because it affects the way we perceive people, and we almost always imagine the features of their personality.

For example, a strong and resonant voice, they are perceived as attractive, intelligent, successful people and women are more likely to choose them as couples.

On the other hand, a high-pitched voice gives the impression of a nervous, hysterical and insecure person.

Eduardo Galeano said that "the voice is the mirror of the soul" you can not shut it up, it does not matter if you do not have the gift of speech. With it you show if you are in love, happy or angry, like the case of mothers, when we ignore them.

The voice , is also important when making a decision, we do it all the time unconsciously.

Our favorite songs, we usually choose them by the tone of voice of who sings it, this also happens with the person we like or even with our friends.

The voices characterize the people, yours has something special that makes it different from the others.

Be acute or serious, use your voice in a favorable way, as do the announcers ...

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