What do the experts say?

The women who have had at least one child are 34% less likely to have multiple sclerosis than those who do not have children. It has been observed that the pregnancy help in cases of multiple sclerosis.


What do the experts say?

In fact, according to Marie D'hooghe , a researcher at the Department of Neurology of the National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Mesbroek, Belgium, women who have children, tend to have a MS benign type , compared to those who have not yet had a birth.

Research on multiple sclerosis indicates that 85% of those who develop MS suffer a relapse, or some kind of remission and more than 50% have a progressive state of the disease.

When this happens, the symptom they become more difficult to manage, as well as periods of improvement; when the symptoms disappear They are shorter. After some time, the EM process causes the loss of view or paralysis .


Women are more at risk than men

The research says that women are more likely to have multiple sclerosis; however, these cases are less severe compared to the severity of the disease in men.

In the study conducted by Marie D, Äôhooghe, three-quarters of the respondents had children and reached the sixth level based on the "Disability Scale".


The ED Disability Scale

The ED is a classification system that many doctors use as a tool to determine the severity of the symptoms associated with the multiple sclerosis . For example, in the first level: the disease is less serious; the sixth level means that the patient needs a help device to move and at level ten, death is near.

In the case of women who have not been mothers and have multiple sclerosis, it takes them from thirteen to fifteen years before reaching the sixth level on the ED scale. On the other hand, those who already have children, it takes twenty-two to twenty-three years to reach that stage.

According Patricia O'Looney , director of biomedical research of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, there are benefits for patients who have already had children.

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