What causes it in them and in them?

At some point in their lives, more than 90% of the married have been involved in a extramarital love or in one night sex. Given this disturbing percentage, the question is: why are people infidels ? or what is the relationship between brain and infidelity ?

In this regard, the Doctor Eduardo Calixto explains, in the video what happens in the brain of men and women that makes them infidels


What causes it in them and in them?

According to a study of theFaculty of Psychology of the UNAM , a infidelity It happens, generally, not because it is planned, but because people find themselves in situations where their emotions lead them to have it.


These are some warning situations: Being close to or depending on someone other than your spouse, living with someone who is interested sexually , not feeling close or connected with the couple and being in situations that involve alcohol or drugs. "

The 60% of the women cheat to your partner basically by:

  1. They want more sexual pleasure
  2. They need to feel special, admired, desired and beautiful
  3. Have an intimate, emotional and romantic relationship with another person
  4. Looking for revenge on her husband, for multiple reasons

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