What causes eating disorders?

What do you inspire yourself to lose weight? Most people have something that inspires us to lose weight, for example a photo of ourselves or an actress, model or singer, but until what time is this healthy? What causes eating disorders?

There is currently a phenomenon on the internet called Thinspiration , which consists of posting, through social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram Y Tumblr, photos of slender women who invite to be thinner than natural.

According to National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Thinspiration or thinspo refers to the content that is distributed on the web to intentionally encourage dangerous behaviors such as eating disorders.

The sites that use the Thinspiration They are considered dangerous, both for those who have an eating disorder and for those who may be vulnerable to it.

In an investigation of Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial NHS Trust , in the United Kingdom notes that some websites invite you to fall into eating disorders because they present the ideal beauty through extreme thinness.

In addition, the study suggests that these portals consider eating disorders as a way of life, so they could be the gateway to this type of problem.


What causes eating disorders?

Dr. Araceli Aizpuro, director of the Ellen West Foundation , explains what causes eating disorders, as well as the characteristics of anorexia:

According to information published by the Ellen West Foundation There are more than four million Mexicans suffering from bulimia and anorexia, and the average age at which these disorders start is at 17 years old. And you, do you know someone who has problems in their diet?

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