What are they made of ...

The routine turns the sexual act into an almost robotic behavior, without taking into account that intimacy is an action that goes beyond penetration. It is really to achieve an atmosphere that allows to progressively develop and communicate the sexual fantasies that both partners have; example, sex toys, as indicated in sexologist of the Unit of Therapy and Sexual Education of Caracas, Rubén Hernández.

Sex toys are an element that in addition to fun provide the sexual act a touch of originality, but above all of pleasure. For León Gindín, psychoanalyst and secretary of the Argentine Society of Human Sexuality , the most important thing when choosing a sex toy is that it works smoothly.

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What are they made of ...

In addition to movement, texture plays an important role when it comes to acquiring a sex toy. Therefore we provide you 4 materials from which they are made:

1. Jelly. Jelly or synthetic gelatin . It is a type of silicone or flexible rubber with the appearance, touch and color of the rubber, being one of the most used materials in erotic toys. The texture of the jelly is slightly sticky, so you should always use a water-based lubricant to enjoy them.

2. Plastic. These are hard. They are usually a bit noisy but are easy to clean since their surface does not absorb fluids.

3. Silicone. This is the safest material for vibrators. It is completely hypoallergenic and feels very soft on contact with the skin. It is easy to clean and allows intense vibrations; It is much more expensive than plastic.

4. Crystal There are also glass dildos and vibrators and they are very safe. They are simple to clean and can be used for both internal and external stimulation. They are very hard, ideal for those who like intense sensations. You can also use them cold or put them in hot water and use them warmer.

Gindín recommends that sex toys be used covered in a condom to prevent the transmission of diseases, especially when they are shared. Remember, to enjoy sexual pleasure with fullness there must always be respect and trust between the couple.

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