What are the normal cholesterol levels?

The Federal Consumer Procurator's Office (Profeco) It has been called "green gold", and Mexico is the leading producer and consumer of avocados in the world. The uses of avocado range from the gastronomic aspect to the aesthetic one. I agree with you Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consuming avocado helps reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and increases the concentrations of HDL (good cholesterol)


What are the normal cholesterol levels?

The American Hearth Association It grants the following parameters to maintain an adequate and healthy level of blood cholesterol.

  1. Desirable level Less than 200 mg / dL.
  2. High limit level. 200 to 239 mg / dL.
  3. High risk level. 240 mg / mg / dL.

The Survey of National Nutrition and Health Examination carried out by CDC found that consuming half a medium-sized avocado a day helps improve the absorption of nutrients in the intestine and provides a large amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that reduce the intake of saturated fats that affect the body's weight and health.


Amazing results!


  1. Waist. People who consume avocado regularly have up to 4 centimeters less waist.
  2. IMC . The body mass index is lower in people who report consuming avocado on a regular basis.
  3. Weight. You get a weight loss of up to 3 kilograms.
  4. Health. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, and stroke.
  5. Waterfalls. Thanks to its content of lutein prevents the formation of cataracts.
  6. Cancer. It protects against the formation of cancerous tumors due to a compound called beta sitosterol.
  7. Esthetic. Due to its high contribution of vitamin E it protects the cell membranes and neutralizes the effect of free radicals thus favoring the antioxidant action, which allows a firm and luminous skin.

Remember that it is not about choosing a food to achieve a monotonous diet; It is about including various nutritious foods to achieve a healthy and balanced diet. Beware!

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