What are the characteristics?

In order to recognize journalistic work in health, Roche Latin America and the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism (FNPI), call for the second edition of the Roche Journalism in Health Award.

In this occasion the works that will be able to participate are in Internet and radio; the call ends on April 3, 2014.

At a press conference, Sthephanny Rua Pantoja , project coordinator of the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for the FNPI, indicates that there is no limit on the characters that are handled on the website, nor time limit in the case of radio.

"What we are interested in is that in the case of websites they handle several multimedia things such as podcast, video, photo galleries, which shows the use of tools that help the digital journalism , while in the case of radio, stories, testimonies and narration are key ".

Rua Pantoja clarifies that these works should be oriented to the health area and be original pieces in Spanish, published or issued between January 1 and December 31, 2013, so journalists interested in participating can apply through the site Premiorochedeperiodismo.com


What are the characteristics?

The submitted papers should consider one of the following topics:

• Innovation in health care
• Biotechnology in health
• Access to health treatments
• Research and development on health issues
• Regulation and public health policies
• Oncology

The selection process will be carried out in two rounds in which the jury - made up of journalists and experts in health issues - will select three finalists and one winner per category.

The evaluation criteria of the works are narrative quality, technical mastery of the subject, socially relevant approach, journalistic style and research and professional ethical values.

The winning works will receive a scholarship with all the expenses paid to participate in a workshop of the FNPI, which can be chosen according to the professional profile of the participant.

In addition, they will receive their recognition during the Roche Press Day , which is an educational forum for scientific journalism organized by the laboratory, to be held in July 2014, in Mexico. Participates!

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