What are the benefits of a hip prosthesis?

Performing excess exercise that has a direct impact on the hip joint, are some common triggers of femur wear, which can be corrected with a hip prosthesis, according to the National Institutes of Health of the United States (NIH, for its acronym in English).

An example of this is the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán , who will enter the operating room on January 9 to place a prosthesis on his hip, due to the wear on his left femur.

According to a statement issued by the public relations of the artist, the objective of the left hip arthroplasty is to reduce the discomfort and pain that the singer has suffered since last year.


What are the benefits of a hip prosthesis?

The wear of the femur or osteoarthritis occurs in middle-aged people with intense pain, whether due to hereditary issues, overweight, fractures, cartilage injuries or to remain squat for a long time.

To control this type of discomfort it is necessary to subject the patients to an arthroplasty, in which a prosthesis is placed in the hip through a surgical incision along the buttocks.

After the surgical intervention, the patient will have small discomforts that will be reduced with controlled analgesics. In addition, it is recommended to perform light exercises to avoid the development of blood clots in the area.

However, the person with the prosthesis in the hip should remain between three and five days hospitalized, until improving mobility or going to physiotherapy to recover the strength and flexibility of the joint.

Therefore, after surgeryAlejandra Guzmán he will need six weeks of rest, reason why he plans to return to his labor commitments when the doctors consider it prudent.

By following the doctors' recommendations, the singer will be able to carry out her life normally; however, you will have to avoid sudden movements that impact on that area of ​​the body, as well as perform moderate exercise. And you, would you be willing to use a hip prosthesis to improve your health?

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