Weight loss with fencing

The fencing It is a sport that helps you to be in shape and shape your figure. It arises in the XIX as a practice of war, however, today is a exercise that anyone can practice to benefit their Health .

The fencing It is a very complete discipline that improve your concentration and speed. As it consists in attacking and defending yourself, it allows you to work on balance and coordination. Do you want to know how is the practice of fencing ? Watch the following video:

In a fencing session, according to data from the Princeton University they get to burn up to 400 calories , everything depends on the type of training. The main areas that are strengthened are the arms due to the use of foil and legs.

We also work muscles of the neck, since to be in "guard" requires that the spine is completely straight.

Experts suggest that the fencing is a science-sport, since the intelligence from the creation of attack strategies to defeat the opponent.

To practice this sport requires a special team consisting of the foil, mask, protections, jacket and pants. If you want to know more about this sport, enjoy this summer fair to the fullest.

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Video Medicine: Out N About Columbus: Exercise, Yoga, Martial Arts, Fencing and Weight Loss 2/24/2013 (May 2024).