Ways to add healthy activities in your day

That you do not have time, the exercise You do not like it or it seems boring, sure are your "logical" explanations why you have not started moving yet. And you are not the only one. But, the reality is that follow tips to add more healthy activities In your day it is simple, fun and effective.

Performing healthy activities, such as going up and down stairs, not only helps you see and feel better, but also reduces your risk of having a heart attack, developing type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer, experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison .

In fact, to comply with the recommendations of physical activity What you should do daily, basically enough with small activities, as long as you do them with intensity, moderate or vigorous, for at least 10 minutes. It's not so much, is it?

So for you to start from today, we share you in our photo gallery the best tips to add more healthy activities in your day Do not miss it!

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