Watch out!

When choosing a bra not only do you have to notice if it is beautiful or not, you must also pay attention that does not affect your health. How to know if the bra is hurting you? Check out these tips.

The circumference of each breast has different receptors that make them sensitive to variations in heat, pain and pressure.


Watch out!


1. It squeezes too much and generates stress

The current visual trend is to use fasteners of smaller sizes to elevate them.

The problem of using this type of support is that it causes friction in the breasts, which causes discomfort and stress.


2. Inadequate fabrics

The bra should provide protection to both breasts; however, and due to the type of fabrics with which it is manufactured, this is not always the case.

The products that must be avoided are those that do not have cotton or wool, that is, they are synthetic, because transpiration is not allowed and the pores can be closed, which in the future causes the appearance of benign masses.


3. They do not hold enough

Another sign that the bra is hurting you is that they do not hold you properly.

Failure to choose a correct size causes constant breakage of the closure or that repeatedly is raising the upper part of the bra which is a torture for the back. It is advisable to choose a size that covers the entire chest.


4. It does not make you feel beautiful

Health is paramount in these sensitive parts, but beauty must be synonymous with comfort; If the bra does not make you feel beautiful, maybe the change is necessary.

Sometimes finding a bra of excellent material, comfortable and economical is difficult, but a bit of patience is enough to find the right one.


5. The filling should be adequate

This point in particular has to do with aesthetics, there are women who want to increase the size of their breasts and for this they use bras with too much filling.

The problem with this decision is that the filling causes an excess of heat that damages the tissue surrounding the nipple, also known as areola.


Choose well!

To choose the size of the bra you have to surround your back under the bust with a tape measure and get the measurement in inches.

Now measure half of your chest in inches and subtract this measure from the previous one, the result is your cup.

Another tip is to position it well: lean your body at 45 degrees forward and adjust from behind.

The straps should be tight but should not leave marked silhouette on the shoulders.

The hormonal change in women causes the bust to grow or decrease according to the menstrual cycle.

As is evident, the support must adjust to these changes, being a process that every month suffers, buying different sizes for each period of time is more than necessary.

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