Voice tone influences perception of infidelity in the couple

The tone of your voice can reveal if you are attractive or not, and if you will be unfaithful or not, to your partner , indicates a new Canadian study published by the newspaper Evolutionary Psychology.

The research indicates that people could trust the tone of their voice potential partner in an intuitive degree to determine who is not reliable. Scientists studied 54 men and 61 university women and recorded their voices. Then they modified the recordings in lower tones Y Taller and asked among the volunteers who could be the voices of the people most likely to be unfaithful and of the people who They were more attractive.

Results: Men with the lower tones Voice (severe tone) were selected by women as the most prone to infidelity, and at the same timethe most attractive voices . In the same way, men rated women with the sexiest voices as the most likely to be unfaithful.

The explanation tends to be in our physiognomy since men with deeper and lower voices and women with high tones have higher concentrations of testosterone and estrogen respectively.

"If these people are more attractive , they are probably immersed in a relationship, "he says. David Feinberg , professor of the department of psychology, neuroscience and behavior and counselor of the study. "Due to their hormones , they are more likely to be promiscuous. And because they are more attractive, their couples they are more likely to let them get away with it "

Previous studies in African tribes have shown that men with the lowest tone of voice coincide with being the parents of thegreater number of children . This could be confirmed by the study, so if it seems sexy to you the voice of your new appointment, you may want to think twice before getting involved.

Source: Time Healthland and Evolutionary Psychology.

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