Vitamins against aging

Some health experts believe that the vitamins can be the most effective way to enlarge the life . In the study of human life and death, health organizations examined the habits of more than one million people over 40 and found that mortality rates were significantly higher among those who did not take vitamins or supplements for Health.


Mortality rates decreased with the intake of vitamins and the researchers concluded that vitamins prevent heart diseases and strokes and help prolong life . With this, they say that vitamins are the closest thing to an anti-aging pill.


Vitamins applicable for the elderly


Vitamins are as powerful as a drug and should be prescribed and used with the same care as any other drug. However, the dangers can come when excessive intake manifests itself. Especially for the elderly, high doses of certain vitamins can cause serious health problems such as kidney damage, liver destruction and heart problems.


Keep in mind that as people get older, the signs of aging can hamper the growth of new cells, therefore, the body is vulnerable to diseases. That is why some vitamins are prescribed for the elderly.


For example, as you get older, an abundant production of elastin and collagen begins in the skin, therefore, wrinkles appear. But with the help of vitamin C (an antioxidant) the body will be able to produce collagen and elastin, which will maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin.


In general, vitamin supplements recommended for the elderly are those that help maintain normal cell growth and repair. This is due to one of the main signs of aging, which is the low production and weakening of cell growth. That is why older people acquire white hair, wrinkled skin, and memory problems.


Vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants, counteract free radicals, which are believed to increase the damage caused by these elements and can promote cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. With age, the bone density of the body is lost. And when people lack calcium, bones tend to consume their mass faster than before. Therefore, they become fragile and weak and osteoporosis occurs.


So, what should be done?


In short, the quality of life can be more important than the number of years. Live well, not just survive longer. Today men and women over 50 can be healthier. With the help of vitamins, people can fight the signs of aging. Health experts say they have seen men and women in the seventies who look more fit and vigorous than ever.


However, this does not necessarily mean that vitamins can cure everything .. Experts have not yet discovered the source of eternal youth, There is no vitamin supplement able to provide it.


However, these vitamin supplements have helped many older people look and feel better than before. And although health experts can not guarantee that regular consumption of vitamin supplements will add years to your life, if you fulfill the promise of adding life to the years.