Vitamin D is a determinant in menstruation

One of the causes of menstruation early may be caused by low levels of vitamin D in young preadolescents, which could become a risk factor for health in the short and long term, since it can cause behavioral or psychosocial problems, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Professor Eduardo Villamor, of the School of Public Health of the University of Michigan (United States), who conducted the study in Bogotá, in collaboration with the National University of Colombia, indicated that girls who have an early menarche (early menstruation) , they run a greater risk of developing chronic diseases , cardiometabolic diseases and some kind of Cancer in adulthood.

During the research, the evolution of 242 girls between 5 and 12 years was analyzed during 30 months, where doctors and nutritionists determined that girls who had low levels of vitamin D were twice as likely to start the menstruation before those that had the levels considered correct.

The professor explained that, in recent years, the scientific community has detected that the age of the first menstruation and the cause that originated it is not "known" with certainty, although the changes in the environment, nutritional and even socioeconomic factors could be.

Regarding age, girls with low levels of vitamin D , they had, on average, their first rule at 11.8 years compared to 12.6 years menstruated your companions. However, there is no specific age for the first menstruation and it can vary according to the country, physical, nutritional and development conditions of each girl.

The American Institute of Medicine established that a girl of that age should consume 600 international units of vitamin D per day, equivalent to one and a half tablespoons of cod liver oil, although not all the experts in the world agree with this. And although the vitamin D is related to the maintenance of bone function, it is also linked to the immune system and the metabolism .


Foods that contain vitamin D

You must include in your diet and in your family's food that contain vitamin D For example, most brands of milk are fortified with milk, as well as orange juice and cereals.

Other food sources of vitamin D they are fatty fish (salmon, tuna and sardines), egg yolks, cod liver oil, beef liver, margarine, yogurt and some cheeses. Cheese and ice cream can be a good source of calcium, but it is necessary to read the nutrition label to know whether or not it is a source of vitamin D .

Do your daughters eat foods rich in this vitamin?

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