Virtual girlfriend?

A study of Oklahoma State University , published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, reveals that single women feel more attraction for married men or with a girlfriend.

In the investigation, the authors point out that the attraction increases twice as much because the woman unconsciously looks for a man capable of giving her security to form a family.


Virtual girlfriend?

Taking these studies as a guide, companies like they create strategies to facilitate the art of seducing among human beings, but how does it do it?

According to information published on the portal , the firm creates fictitious brides to help men get a real partner. That is to say, when a man contracts the service, messages of romantic texts are sent to him like those that a girlfriend in love would send. With these interruptions, the people around you, especially women, will learn about your "relationship".

In addition, you can subscribe to another service called Cloud Girlfriend, which will create a girlfriend on Facebook, which will "write" nice and attractive things on your wall, with the aim of generating interest in the women around you. And you, would you be willing to hire a virtual girlfriend?

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