Vinegar will make you look slender

The vinegar It has been consumed for hundreds of years, its popularity is still valid. Thanks to the fermentation process it is possible to enjoy various types, such as apple, white, honey, malt or any food containing sugars. These are used to season or preserve food. Even, they can help to go down of weight .


Vinegar will make you look slender

These are some Benefits of various types of vinegar for you figure .


Apple vinager

A study made by University of Surrey in the United Kingdom explains that the vinegar of Apple it helps you to go down of weight for the satiating effect. In addition, acetic acid helps activate the genes that stimulate the fat burning of proteins.



Balsamic vinegar

Erin Coleman , dietitian of the United States, explains thatl balsamic vinegar It helps you maintain a slender figure because it contains a low caloric content. One spoonful contributes 14 calories , which helps you control the recommended daily consumption.

It is an excellent way to accompany your salads, as it replaces caloric dressings such as Thousand Island. Keep in mind that the balsamic vinegar will help you lose weight when part of a low-fee meal plan calories .

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