Videoserial: Why does it hurt to be erased from social networks?

The virtual world He has given everything turn at relations interpersonal what happens there has a impact in the life of people and in their emotions , but you have asked yourself why we it hurt That in erase of the social networks ?


People believe that social networks they are only a means to fun , although in reality what is done in those media can have repercussions In the real world. If you eliminate from the list of friends can be seen as a way of social exclusion" , says a study in charge of Christopher Sibona, from the Business School of the University of Colorado Denver .

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In this regard, the Dr. Eduardo Calixto explains in the following video why this kind of actions hurt so much and how can we overcome them .

Christopher Sibona adds that among the main reasons why someone decides remove yet Contact from your list of Facebook friends are for speak bad from someone, generate controversy about politics or religion ; to write messages inadequate, sexist Y racists , as well as having a boring profile .


The effects are evident in the state of cheer up of people who have been deleted, since they manifest feelings of lack of membership and a sudden low of the self esteem" , points Sibona .

However the researcher at the University of Denver explains that the cost to maintain relations in line it is relatively low Compared to him real world which is more complicated because there Contact physical when having to talk or meet face to face with the person you want to avoid.

You think that actually what happens in the world of Facebook affects the coexistence daily with friends, acquaintances and school or work colleagues. And you because reasons you would erase someone from this social network ?