Video. Thin with functional foods

Do you feel heavy and have not achieved your goal of losing weight? Maybe you need to give your body a little boost, but how do you accelerate the metabolism to meet your goal?

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic , the metabolism It is the biochemical process where the body converts everything you eat and drink into energy.


"Calories combine with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function in its entirety."

The basal metabolic rate (metabolism) accounts for about 70% of the calories you burn daily, but other factors also influence such as food processing (thermogenesis) and physical activity, notes Mayo Clinic.

By choosing foods like those shown in the video, you improve your digestion, absorption, transport and storage of nutrients and calories.

If you combine a balanced diet with the practice of exercise you will have a metabolism in optimal conditions and a better quality of life.

Video Medicine: Heal Your Body With Food with Dr. Mark Hyman (May 2024).