Video. Mark your abdomen with Swiss ball exercises

Regardless of whether you are male or female, the first fat you lose when you start doing exercise is the belly, however there are other things you have to do to achieve your goal of mark the abdomen .

One of the first steps is to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet , and not only soft drinks, but also juices, because sugar increases belly fat . Instead you have to consume a lot of water, indicates the Rush University Medical Center .

As for food, the experts of the Harvard Medical School they affirm that they should ingest complex carbohydrates , like fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, while avoiding white bread, refined pasta and other simple carbohydrates.

Besides exercises with a Swiss ball that shows you in the video Mateo Martínez , founder of Personal Trainer Mexico PTM , you can also resort to training with dumbbells , which eliminates visceral fat, that is, belly fat, in a very effective way and helps you mark the abdomen

Video Medicine: Exercises for Better Health : Stretching for Abdominal Adhesions (May 2024).