Video. Finish the fat in legs and buttocks!

Do not you put on your pants anymore or do you squeeze that dress that you like so much? Maybe at that moment you ask yourself: How to eliminate fat from the legs and buttocks? It's very simple, you just need to perform exercises specific to achieve your goal.

According to Harvard specialists, the type of fat that accumulates in legs and buttocks It is called subcutaneous and its storage depends on the genetics of the person, as well as their hormonal levels.

Because of their estrogen level, it is normal for women, and not men, to accumulate this type of fat.

However, in order to achieve a defined silhouette, only a balanced diet, a good hydration and exercises with tools that help them perfect movements like the Swiss ball.

If you want to complement the routine with Swiss ball that shows you Mateo Martínez, founder of Personal Trainer Mexico PTM, in the video, he practices cardiovascular exercise combined with strength training; so you burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

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