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Lettuce is one of the foods richest in water (94.9%). It is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals, mainly potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It is low in energy due to its low content of carbohydrates (0.67%) and fats (0.2%).

According to Dr. Jorge D. Pamplona in his book"Food that heals" Lettuce has sedative, somnolent, laxative properties, provokes satiety and contributes minerals.

In GetQoralHealth we have for you the following recipe with lettuce. Enjoy your meal!





(4 - 6 servings)






1 kg of zucchini

1 large lettuce

1 onion girl

1 clove garlic

½ l of vegetable broth

1 tablespoon (20 g) of corn flour or starch

10 g of sliced ​​almonds



1) Wash and defoliate the lettuce, clean and slice the zucchini.

2) Peel and slice the onion and garlic.

3) Boil the zucchini, onion and garlic in a pot with a ladle of broth.

4) Turn off the heat, add the flour and blend well.

5) Then add the lettuce and blend again until you get a homogeneous cream.

6) If it is too thick, add broth and cook for another 5 minutes.

7) At the time of serving, decorate each plate with some almonds.

You can add squares of panela cheese or fresh cheese.



(3 cups of lettuce)

Energy: 23 kcal

Protein: 1.7 g

Lipids: 0.4 g

Carbohydrates : 4.5 g

Fiber: 2.8 g

The lettuce also has the following indications:

Insomnia. Consumed at night, as a single dish.

Digestive disorders Taken before the meal, the lettuce tones the stomach and facilitates digestion.

Constipation. It facilitates intestinal transit due to its fiber content and its good digestibility.

Obesity. Lettuce It produces great satiety and very few calories.

Diabetes. Lettuce is one of the poorest foods in carbohydrates, so diabetics can consume it without more limit than their appetite.

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