Vary your sexual dynamics ...

Sex should go beyond intercourse, but according to the study "Sexuality and erotic intelligence of Mexicans" the caresses, music, dinner and passion only stays in the fantasy, since 76% of the participants do not do anything special before the sexual encounter.

However, is our sexuality destined to die in routine? Our body could be the mechanism through which we can increase eroticism. According to the study, the most exciting part for men in the female body are the breasts and buttocks; in the case of women are the pectorals. Why not make these areas our object of desire?

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Vary your sexual dynamics ...

To say goodbye to custom it is necessary to stop focusing the sexual act as an action to penetrate. Try, try and enjoy, says the expert on sexuality Elsy Reyes that presents 5 keys to increase the eroticism in their bodies.

1. First step Start a game where the first rule is to say, do and stimulate something other than the typical encounter to which they are already accustomed.

2. Discover. Explore the parts of your body that you usually do not touch: feet, head, fingers, arms ...

3. Change your position. But not the sexual or coital but how they accommodate their body to receive stimuli. Sometimes they are so uncomfortable in the midst of the intimate prelude that it decreases the percentage of enjoyment.

4. The whole body is an erogenous zone. They can make circles with the tongue in the nails of the hands or feet of their partner and turn it into a sexual organ. Sexual organ does not only imply reproductive zone (that's why the term of reproductive organs is terrible). Sexual organ is any part of the body that generates eroticism and pleasure.

5. Do everything that comes to mind. Brush your knees, kiss the back of your neck, join your back and let yourself be caressed by the skin of the other. Dare, live your body.

Remember, in sexuality everything is allowed as long as there is respect and trust. Your sexuality is in your hands to exercise it with responsibility and pleasure.

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