Vaccines favor immunological memory

Our body is able to develop an immunological memory to protect the immune system from infections generated by viruses or bacteria such as pneumococcus. Dr. Alejandro Escobar, specialist in immunology. But what is immunological memory and how is it generated?

The head of the Department of Immunological Research of the InDR E, stresses that immunological memory eliminates the infectious agents that cause diseases, especially the deadly ones.

This mechanism is created when bacteria such as pneumococcus strike people's bodies and specific protective cells are activated, which are transformed into antigens and memory cells.

For this reason, when a person is exposed to that same type of virus in the future, their immune memory acts quickly to destroy the antigen and protect the body from the disease.

However, when the mutation of a virus or bacteria is acquired, the immune system is weakened by not having the antibodies necessary to fight it. But, at the same time, the body creates the cells to fight it in the future.


Vaccines favor immunological memory

One way to create immunological memory effectively is vaccination, because through the doses creates a protection with specific antibodies to fight a disease, such as pneumonia.

The vaccine against pneumonia has polysaccharides (antibodies) of the most frequent bacteria in the population. "When administered, they generate specific responses against these polysaccharides included in the formulation and establish a multiple protection status prior to the transmission of any of the pneumococci.

It is recommended the application of these vaccines for all people, especially in adults over 50 years, with the aim of strengthening their immune system and create immunological memory to reduce the risk of infection of this infection.

Thus, Pfizer Mexico and Chopo Medical Laboratory join to prevent pneumococcal disease and make available to people the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine thirteen, which generates immunity on 13 serotypes of the Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Through this alliance, both companies seek to expand vaccination centers for older adults in Mexico and foster a culture of immunization that can reduce the death rates from diseases generated by pneumococcus. And you, do you have updated your national vaccination card?

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