Vaccine vs. pneumococcus protects older adults

With the aim of protecting adults over 50 years of suffering such as meningitis Y pneumonia , Pfizer Mexico offers a more innovative vaccine against pneumococcus.

Because the body's defenses are decreasing over the years, older adults should eat healthy and get vaccinated to avoid the spread of diseases such as pneumonia , which is a global health problem, because it generates respiratory failure, heart failure congestive and shock.

Annually, 2.8% of the deaths registered in Mexico in people older than 65 years, are due to respiratory ailments, caused by the pneumococcus.

Importance of vaccination

  1. Vaccination is important because it is common for people over 50 to have diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic, renal alterations, smoking , alcoholism and patients with HIV , which could aggravate any type of disease pneumococcal
  2. Due to the coexistence with minors, older adults have a higher risk of contracting respiratory diseases.

How does the vaccine work?

Innovation is supported by the use of a technology known as conjugation, which consists of pasting the antigens of the pneumococcus (which produces damage) to a protein that carries these, and mechanisms are generated to block the development of the disease in that moment, generating cells that will protect people in the long term.

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