Vaccine that inhibits some types of cancer

In Madrid the informative agency Europa Press reported that researchers from Duke University, in the United States, managed to block the tumor growth of some types of Cancer thanks to a vaccine (experimental), based on the alphavirus of the Venezuelan equine encephalitis , according to an informative article published in the last issue of the 'Journal of Clinical Investigation'.

This group of experts verified, in clinical trials in phase I and II with 28 patients with advanced tumors that had already been treated with chemotherapy, that the vaccine is able to stimulate an immune response even in the deepest suppression states.

What makes the difference with the vaccinations In general, cancer is not intended to prevent the disease, rather, they seek immunotherapies that get the body's own immune system to recognize and destroy tumors.

Participants received up to four injections of this experimental vaccine, plus one booster for three months. At the end of the study, two patients remained without disease, two others were able to keep the disease stable and one, with metastatic pancreatic cancer, saw the condition that was suffering in the liver disappear. The rest of the patients did not respond to the therapy.

Those who got the most benefit were the patients who had smaller tumors, so they are planning future research on people who are at high risk of cancer recurrence. In addition, the possibility of studying and analyzing the possibility of adding a stimulant such as interleukin-12 to make the vaccine more potent is not ruled out.

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