Using paca clothing is a health risk

To buy paca clothes in tianguis and informal shops represents a risk to health, since the garments may be infested with Mites , lice , contain some type of chemical and even, bacteria if it is underwear, that when having contact with the skin provoke dermatitis , ringworm, scabies and gonorrhea .
The doctor Diana Castillo Martínez , dermatologist of the General Hospital of Zone 2-A Troncoso, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), stressed that the paca clothes It has different origins: of second use, brought from other countries, rescued from dumps, or, it can come from asylums, morgues and even pantheons.
He indicated that the first recommendation is to avoid as much as possible buying this type of garments. Otherwise, the following measures should be taken: shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc. They should be washed with soap and water, either by hand or in a washing machine, without the need for any particular temperature. In the case of jackets, they have to be placed in a closed plastic bag for three days, which ensures that lice Y Mites ; same situation for shoes, which should be left exposed to the sun.

He explained that it is not recommended to acquire, for any reason, underwear in non-established stores, since hygiene measures may not be sufficient and cause gonorrhea , "A chronic disease difficult to diagnose. In young people it is a cause of difficulty to have children, due to the severe inflammation that it causes in the reproductive system, "said Castillo.
Paca clothing, according to the dermatologist, may also be infested with Mites causing scabies , highly contagious disease, better known as mange, because it is enough for one person to have it spread throughout the family:
"Scabies is characterized by the presence of red lesions on the skin, especially between fingers, arms, trunk, genitals and breasts.It causes a lot of itching and can be complicated because with that constant and frequent scratching, without hand washing, cause secondary bacterial infections that cause general malaise and fever. "
He highlighted that some clothes hide lice between the seams and these cause welts in various parts of the body, which in turn generate itching and discomfort, mainly in the thorax and sites close to the seams of clothing, which require dermatological treatment to heal.
Castillo Martinez, clarified that not all paca clothing is of second use: "The problem is that it can be treated with chemical and these affect the skin in susceptible people, which could cause them atopic dermatitis ".
Do you have paca clothes? Did it cause an infection?

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