Use sunscreen and avoid skin cancer

The skin cancer it ranks fifth in cancer incidence in Mexico. It is more common in men than in women and is due to excessive sun exposure and tanning chambers.

There are several types of skin cancer, the most deadly is melanoma, but in general the mortality of skin cancer is not as high, as long as it is detected in time.

In an interview with Dr. Alba Hernández , Chief of Dermatology at General Hospital La Raza del IMSS , points out that the main risk factors for skin cancer to occur is excessive and inadequate sun exposure.


Waters with the sun

According to the dermatologist Hernández, the skin is damaged by light, either natural or artificial:

1. Type "A" . It is obtained by means of tanning beds; It damages the dermis of the skin, because it weakens it; Various external substances harm the cells of the body.

2. Type B" . It is the one generated directly by the sun.

"People forget that they should protect themselves and take care of themselves. 80% of the radiation that we receive in our body occurs in the first 20 years of life and are determinants for the development or not of skin cancer ".


Risks increase

Hernández Guerrero says that not only sunbathing on the beach for more than 30 minutes is dangerous; Those who walk or drive under the sun's rays for 15 to 30 minutes more than three times a day, are at risk of developing skin cancer:

"With all the changes that are in our environment, the intensity of the sun is getting stronger; Our skin is damaged and therefore the problems and risks increase. "


To take into account

Dr. Hernandez gives you some tips to detect in time certain characteristics of this disease:

1. If you have a burn, whose texture does not improve.

2. Pigmentation in any area of ​​the body.

3. Appearance of dark spots on the skin.

4. Polka dots that change color and size.

5. Appearance of one or more black spots on the soles of the feet.


It is better prevent...

The health expert says that the best way to prevent skin cancer is with the daily use of sunscreen: "It is advisable to use sunscreen, minimum of 30 FPT (Sunscreen filter) and avoid exercising or walking outdoors, especially between 10:00 and 12:00 hours a day. "

The sunscreen should be applied every four hours; constantly hydrate and wear hats or caps, as well as blouses or long-sleeved shirts.

Video Medicine: Skin Cancer: What Causes it and Who is at Risk? - Mayo Clinic (July 2020).