Update figure, accounted for 181 deaths in the CDMX by earthquake

The number of deaths due to the earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter scale, registered on September 19, was updated.

At a press conference the head of government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, reported that there are 181 people who have lost their lives, 120 women and 61 men, of this total 28 are minors.

From the facilities of the C5, the capital president reiterated that the priority is to continue with the rescue of people with life or bodies that have been left under the rubble.


We continue with the search and rescue tasks. Absolutely all the points where there is a possibility of finding someone alive, we continue working, all the international, national bodies, the bodies of Mexico City, all the areas, all the points, we are hoping to find someone with life, and this is the instruction of the government of Mexico City to all our areas, to continue working in this direction. "


He mentioned that at the moment 540 public schools have been reviewed and 66 opinions have been issued, from which it is clear that 61 schools are suitable for students to return to classes, while in five more it was determined that there are no conditions to return to school. school activities.

Two of the schools are located in the Cuauhtémoc delegation, one in Azcapotzalco, one in Miguel Hidalgo and another in La Magdalena Contreras.

In the case of private schools, their owners will have to hire a Director Responsible for Work (DRO) to carry out the Structural Safety Report.

In this case, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) made available the numbers 38 01 87 17, 36 01 87 09 and the cell phone of Dr. Sofía Leticia 55 44 71 27 04, to facilitate the issuance of the document.


In a few more hours I will have the rest of the reports of the opinions that are being made to the schools, but the progress goes like this, we are not yet in a position to tell you what will be the total number of schools that will be able to return to classes. Work continues on the part of the opinion, that has to be done in a very detailed, very thorough way in order to have accurate information. "


The capitalist leader said that in the shelters installed there have been attention to two thousand 703 people, of which only 1,976 have spent the night in these places.

Hospitals in the capital remain hospitalized 35 people, of which 24 their state of health is reported stable and 11 more are serious.

Through El Médico en Tu Casa, 330,000 homes have been visited and 25,000 medical and 11,908 psychological services have been provided.

Miguel Ángel Mancera, maintained that the gratuity continues in the Collective Transportation System, as well as in the Metrobús and the M1 system.

It is expected that the potable water supply service will be restored in the next hours for the Xochimilco and Tláhuac delegations, after the Tecomitl aqueduct was repaired.

He also explained that people who lost documents or have some housing or life insurance, will be advised by lawyers from the Legal Department and Legal Services so they can carry out the corresponding procedures.

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