United for dissatisfaction, not for love

Usually, the loneliness and the habit are circumstances that force stay in a relationship of couple low quality Y deteriorated , which it's it affects your state of mind, way of being and even the goals or performance in the different activities What you do.


According to Pew Research Center , based in Washington, United States, a mediocre relationship reflects unhappiness , there are always arguments, critics , contempt, disinterest and attitudes to defensive .

In GetQoralHealth we share some reasons why you stay in a mediocre relationship .


United for dissatisfaction, not for love

Alice Miller author of the book For your own good, explains that couples they bear a bad relationship by emotions repressed during the childhood . They hold attitudes aggressive of the other. Therefore, it is convenient reflect and look back

1. Attachment This feeling forces one to remain in a relationship because the lost is seen as a threat to the stability Y security personal.


It is believed that the partner current is the only opportunity for him love and although they feel unhappiness or sadness is hard to break, so they consider it best to stay together.

With the addiction he idealize to the partner, considering the relationship of couple as the most important from his lifetime . There is true terror to breaking off , here is the phrase: It is better to be alone than in bad company, explains the Psychologist Jorge Castelló Blasco author of the book How to overcome emotional dependence.

2. Fear East feeling is justified for several reasons , between them, fear to the pain that causes the separation, not find again the love , as well as the distrust to start a new relationship .

The psychoanalyst Mariela Michelena , in the book It's so hard to forget you explains that the fear to separation it's because you do not demand more than you can give relationship and we we conform with little.

To the above, all the delusions put in the couple, love , hope , weather Y plans , which is hard to lose.

3. Insecurity. For him Psychologist Jorge Castelló Blasco , the relationships in which a person has a character unsafe and fragile emotionally it also remains a relationship unbalanced . In many occasions it takes advantage of that behavior submissive Y please interests selfish or also affectively sickly.

It must be clear that all relationship is a mirror in which the own one is reflected personality . So if there conflicts Individuals will be obvious at engagement have Do you consider that you live a link loving that provokes poor quality in your life?

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