Union for life ...

For most Mexicans relations should be monogamous (only two). When there is a third party, either in an emotional or physical aspect, it is usually expressed that a infidelity. A situation that significantly damages both members of the partner.

A study of University of Bonn, in Germany, indicates that the key to fidelity could be in the oxytocin, a hormone related to maternal and paternal behavior, and sexual patterns. Men with a high amount of oxytocin in the brain they see their partners more attractive than those with lower levels.


Union for life ...

Hormone is also considered the "Hormone of happiness ", And while partner I mean, I may still be faithful, but there are habits that can help maintain fidelity in the relationship. Here we offer seven of them with information of the psychologist Leticia Soberón.

1. Have loyalty That form of transparency and respect for the given word that makes the relationship more consistent.

2. Maturity to understand and respect the moment that the other lives.

3 . Ability to listen without invading their privacy.

4. Conservation of personality and own autonomy and the other.

5. Presence. Being when the couple requires it, both in easy and happy moments as in difficult or crisis. That "being present" for the other is a very eloquent form of fidelity.

6. Do not betray the trust of the person we know intimately. Keep your confidences in the private sphere.

7. Welcome and accept the person you love every day. Not only how it is, but how it is going. A job not easy but key in the fidelity.

The fidelity of a relationship starts from both members and the communication that they have, since this is an angular aspect so that the couple grows. Do not forget, your emotional well-being is in your hands!

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