Unconditional and flavored love ...

Parents and teenagers, it is a combination that for many sounds like a catastrophe. However, is it possible that the family relationship and emotional ties do not suffer damage in this natural process in the life of a child? The key could be in the feeding.


In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the Pedagogue specialized in Child Development  Mead Johnson Nutrition, Lucia Lañado Moedano, notes that due to the changes that occur in the adolescence (the separation of the main attachment, the incorporation of friends and the search for a more equitable relationship), parents should try to redefine family roles.


Unconditional and flavored love ...

In this new dynamic, parents must rescue the positive characteristics of the relationship or maintain affection, companionship, intimacy and trust . For this, food plays an important role, since it is a behavior subject to learning, so sharing these moments implies a great opportunity to strengthen the paternal and maternal bond.

However, the expert offers you some keys so that the relationship father and teenager be good:

1. Favor the spaces of communication.

2. Avoid labels

3. Describe the attitudes and not the person. Give her the assurance that it is okay to be as she is.

4. Respect the rhythm, development, temperament and personality of your son.

5. Encourage their achievements and highlight what makes them special.

Because of the changes that occur at this stage of development, it must be included in your diet daily foods that they like and that are nutritious. Of the three essential minerals during adolescence, (Iron, Zinc, Calcium ) calcium is the most important to be fixed in the bones and protect the increase.

Remember that although this stage is difficult, it is in your hands to understand it and take care of your health.


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