UNAM reveals the myths of superfruits

The term superfruits has its origin in the marketing and not in the science , because there are no studies of nutrition that demonstrate the power that is awarded to them. The intake excess of these can be counterproductive, he warned. Agustín López Munguía , researcher of Institute of Biotechnology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

The expert points out that the consumption of antioxidants , contained in fruits Y vegetables , is appropriate for Health in recommended portions for a diet balanced, but in large quantities it can be harmful, because the cells need an oxide-reduction balance on which many of their functions .

It is important to know the consequences that new products may have on the nutritional system , even if they are "natural". In addition, the health authorities should regulate the safety of additives used in the food industry, the doctor recommended.

Nutraceutical foods

López Munguía explained that fruits and vegetables have compounds nutraceuticals , that is, substances with preventive or curative effects against a whole range of diseases .

Some are grouped in the generic term of antioxidants (whose consumption is associated with low levels of cholesterol in the blood ), but their properties are much broader, by acting as agents anti-inflammatory or inhibitors of the development of cancer cells such as: blackberries (blue, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry), noni, rambutan, acai, mangosteen, pomegranate, and golden kiwi, among others.

The specialist stressed that superfruit calls have little availability because in many cases they are imported. It is about perishable products, with little time to live. Therefore, the way to market them is through processing: juices, jams or concentrates. The following video explains the use of these in the world of marketing.

Experts recommend that people investigate about foods that are important to their diet , because the bad propaganda of these can generate an excessive consumption and an imbalance in the Health .

And do you include any of these superfruits in your diet?