Try it, you will love it!

When I was pregnant and walked to work I noticed that many people laughed or looked at me in disbelief ... Maybe it was because they are not used to a future mom to talk to her baby from the womb.


This is one of the many habits that I miss from this beautiful stage ... Explain to my son how was the world that looked forward to it.


Try it, you will love it!

Although it was strange to feel the looks, I do not regret, on the contrary, I know that all those talks between mother and son helped him to understand very quickly what is happening around him. He is very intelligent!

Even, a study conducted by researchers of the Luterian University of the Pacific notes that newborns have the ability to learn and remember sounds during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

There are a thousand ways to talk to your baby from the womb: lullabies, stories, classical music or the one you like, descriptions of what happens at a certain time, but the important thing is that you transmit your positive feelings and full of love.

I used to listen to music of all kinds, but especially rock, describe everything I did at work, at home or on the street.

For example, when I left work, I would say: Your dad has arrived for us! And I felt how my baby moved, as if he would also get ready to greet his dad. What beautiful memories!

Now my little one is a fan of music, he loves to dance and, most incredible, we understand him perfectly what he wants because he knows how to explain himself very well.

Do not forget that the baby listens and is attentive to everything you say and feel; you are the direct contact between your world and yours; If you want a happy and intelligent child, only transmit peace, love and sweetness in every action, word or thought.

Do not be afraid to talk to the baby since he is in the womb! Enjoy this moment that life gives you for nine months.

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