Treat you harshly and blame yourself

Now it is known that finish a love relationship cause the same pain what a injury physical, like a burn. Under this condition we seek to heal the "sentimental" wounds, without realizing that on the way we commit mistakes what they complicate the situation.

Since the pain emotional for a breakup it takes months to heal, Guy Winch, psychologist and author of Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts, advise avoid these mistakes .


Treat you harshly and blame yourself

After the rejection it is common to make a list of defects, faults and personal deficiencies. Doing this affects self-esteem, which in itself is already damaged. It is also not convenient to remember other "failures". Be compassionate with you, just as you would with a friend who has a broken heart.


Idealize your "ex"

If the person who broke your heart was not as amazing as you thought it is advisable to change your perception. Idealize it only makes it more difficult and painful to face your reality and overcome the break.


Deny new experiences

It is advisable not to venture with new appointments when the rupture has just happened, although it does take into account that the time to mourn and overcome the absence of your "ex" should be reasonable. If you only went out for two months it is not necessary or advisable to take six months of grief. Give yourself a reasonable time to relate to someone else.


Losing of activities that you like

It is normal that at the beginning of the break you do not have the courage to do what you like and enjoy, since you are still in pain, but you must set a reasonable time to assimilate the situation and continue with the course of your life.

To stop participating in activities not only isolates you, deprives you of distraction, but also prevents you from connecting with your inner essence and the person you were before the breaking off .


Get away from your loved ones

When you isolate yourself you are practically closing the possibilities of receiving the signs of affection and concern from the people who truly care about you. Keep in mind that being close to people who appreciate you helps your speedy recovery.


Keep personal things of your "ex"

Both photographs, gifts, messages or personal belongings of your "ex" are ties that do not break with the memory of the relationship, also with a potential effect of pain. It is essential that you reflect if it is worth saving them or it is better to eliminate them from your life.

We can not fail to mention one more mistake: to have contact with your ex, people close to him or to inquire about what is of his life without you. If you want to keep closeness, what is the end? Return? You can not force or blackmail someone to continue with a relationship you do not want.

These attitudes make it harder for you to heal your wound because of that relationship that had no future or reason to be.

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