When we return from holidays or holidays, it is common for us to gain weight and become desperate, both exercise routines like the rigorous diets. It is not necessary that you submit to them, we will show you a morning routine that will help you burn fat quickly.

According to experts from the Department of Health Science, Lehman College, Bronx, New York, if you are constant in your routine, in 10 days you will notice changes in your body.

This is the routine you need to lose burn calories In 10 days:



On the treadmill we can regulate the speed. Some people may believe that walking does not burn as much fat as running, but it is not. If you do it at a constant speed, you could burn the same or more than running.

You must practice the treadmill for at least 40 minutes a day to eliminate fat and burn calories.



This movement is the most complete, burning fat and at the same time, toning the muscles. You must stand and follow the following steps:

  • Lower your body as if you were doing a squat
  • Place the palms of your hands on the ground and stretch your legs in the position of 'lizard'
  • Practice a lizard, that is, lower your body, with the help of your hands, without touching the ground
  • Return to the starting position




It is one of the most fat burning cardiovascular exercises. You must practice it for 20 minutes a day. In addition, you will work legs and glutes.



It is an excellent option to work the muscles of the abdomen. Stand face down in the lizard position, resting your forearm and with the tips of your feet on the ground.

You must maintain this position for 30 seconds (minimum) as the days increase increases a couple of minutes until you manage to stay in it for a minute.

Practice 5 daily series and you will notice the results from the first days.

Do not hesitate! Try this morning routine and lose fat and gain muscle!