Transportation causes up to 25% of accidents

Mexico is among the 10 countries where the highest number of deaths due to traffic accidents occurs. Around 16 thousand deaths per year, according to official statistics, but the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents (Conapra) estimated that in reality they are about 24 thousand deaths.

According to the report of the National Observatory of Injuries , traffic accidents represent the leading cause of death and orphanage in children (5 to 14 years), and the first of deaths among young people in the country (15 to 29 years), which is among the 10 countries with more human and material losses.

Of the total of traffic accidents in the last year, 750 thousand people were hospitalized, of which 24 thousand deaths and 40 thousand disabled people were registered; in total, close to 150 billion pesos (1.7% of GDP) in losses.


Transportation causes up to 25% of accidents

According to data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) , 8 out of every 100 vehicles have an accident per year in our country, of which, taxis, microbuses and urban trucks represent up to 25% of the mishaps.

About, Luis Álvarez Marcen, director of Damages and Cars of AMIS , explains that the Federal District and the State of Mexico are the entities where these means of transport have the highest number of accidents, because there is a greater density of vehicles.

The main causes of accidents are driving at high speed or while intoxicated, so 75% of the risk corresponds to the human factor, being Friday, Saturday and Thursday the days in which more mishaps occur by said factor; In addition, holiday periods, such as Holy Week, are when the claims increase, according to figures from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).

According to the differences between instances, 90% of traffic accidents by private cars, public transport and freight, as well as by motorcycles, could have been avoided only with the basic security measures, for which, the authorities should follow launching campaigns in favor of a better culture of prevention.

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