Transpersonal therapy boosts your talents

The transpersonal therapy it's a focus holistic (body-mind-consciousness) that leads you to understand the ego , which is usually the origin of suffering , and help to transcend it to be able to return to the essence , to live healthily.

Through this approach, you can understand that what you previously considered problems and difficulties, they are really opportunities to discover the truth of who you are, with the intention of achieving happiness Y loving You just as you are.

In GetQoralHealth we show you a video of Lic. Virginia Gawel, psychologist and director of the Transpersonal Center of Buenos Aires, who in an interview explains more about this therapy:


What Transpersonal Therapy offers you

1. Learning to live without stress 2. Free yourself from fear 3. Transcend beliefs that limit you 4. Transform the emotions destructive 5. Value yourself for what you really are 6. Develop your true talents 7. Discover the power of intuition 8. Connect with your real essence .

If you change your beliefs , you will change reality ; that is, it will change the way you react to what is happening. You stop being a victim of circumstances and you become the creator of your reality .

When you get rid of the limiting beliefs in which you identify, you begin to be more aware of your talents (your true potential ), with which you were born, which will allow you to live in fullness Y abundance .  

Video Medicine: Getting Help - Psychotherapy: Crash Course Psychology #35 (June 2021).