If you notice when you blow your nasal discharge is not transparent as other days, but green, yellow or brown, do not be surprised, everything has a meaning in your health.

According to Mayo Clinic information, the color of the mucus depends on the work of the white blood cells against infections.

So here we give you this guide so you know what is the change of color of your snot.



Quiet! It is the natural color and there is no disease. It means that your nose is constantly cleaned.



Indicates that there is white blood cell waste.



Watch out! An infection is developing. This color reveals that the globules are taking out debris from the disease.



There is an infection. The bacteria found in the airways multiply rapidly and mix with the nasal fluid.



It means the polluting particles or dust.



It occurs when a vein inside the nose breaks and stains your secretions.

It is important that you strengthen your immune system to prevent your nasal discharge from changing color constantly. This can be done by eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. In case the color of your nasal fluid does not change, consult an otolaryngologist to rule out any other discomfort.

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