Transgenic are safe for health

The researcher of the Institute of Biodiversity of the UNAM , Francisco G. Bolívar Zapata states that there is no scientific evidence that the organisms genetically modified or transgenic harm human or animal health.

Bolívar Zapata points out that the biotechnology aims at a responsible and sustainable use of biodiversity, through the development of efficient, clean and competitive technology that facilitates the solution of problems in the health, agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors.

Through a statement, the UNAM researcher indicated that at the social level, the transgenic they have been demonized by some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which distort information about them, without having scientific evidence. In this regard he commented:

"Society is ill informed about the transgenic , therefore, it is necessary to intensify the dissemination efforts. It is essential to apply the legal framework that allows responsible use, based on scientific evidence. "

In this sense, it is questioned that the products that contained transgenic elements and that they were in sweets, cookies or breads, put at risk the health of people, considering that these caused some problems of allergies and changes in the nutritional profile of people.

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