Transform your body with pole dance

The pole dance is a physical activity that transforms your body day by day, since you occupy a lot of strength, elasticity and coordination to perform the routines and turns. Also, with this discipline you will have fun and you will increase your self esteem , so you will feel more sensual and attractive.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Valentina Garibay , pole dance instructor, It explains how your body is transformed through different dance techniques and body expression that you use with the pole dance :

Valentina Garibay emphasizes that it is normal for women to pay more attention to the lower body when they perform exercise , but it is very important that toning is complete, so in the pole dance you strengthen all the body muscles, from the arms to the calves. However, it has other benefits that are directly reflected in your health, such as the following:

  1. Stimulate your metabolism and favors the elimination of toxins
  2. Improve your circulatory, respiratory and cardiac systems
  3. Decreases fluid retention
  4. Reduce the stress , anguish and insecurity
  5. It favors the dream repairman
  6. It generates the stimulation of endorphins and prevents depression

With these characteristics, you will be sure to go to a class of pole dance . You just need a positive attitude and a lot of desire to learn. Remember that everything you learn will help you improve your health, strengthen your body and surprise your partner in intimate moments. And you, what do you expect to sign up for pole dance classes? If you want to know more information visit: or call 52861133.

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Video Medicine: Pole Bodies (May 2024).