Training to improve memory

All of us, at a certain moment in our lives, suffer from memory loss . It could be the forgetting where we put the keys, if we closed the door, etc.

As we age, it is natural that part of our brain cells die and that could cause some memory problems. Over the years, research on the training of the brain showed that it could help decrease this loss.

The dementia It is one of the biggest health problems facing the old generations. Currently, around 24 million people suffer from this disease. By 2040, the number could reach some 84 million, which makes us one of the possible patients of dementia.

The same goes for the Alzheimer's which affects about five million Americans. Health experts predict that Alzheimer's patients could reach close to 16 million by 2050.

How does brain training help us improve our memory?

Think of the brain as a muscle . When muscles develop, exercise is necessary to acquire force Y flexibility . The same goes for the brain , the exercises help to sharpen the memory and improve focus and concentration.

In a brain training program, you have an idea about the current state of your brain. There are some softwares that would help him realize how "old" his brain is. Understanding your weakness would help you build your strength. East software You can also be considered as your "brain trainer".


Brain trainer

Getting a "brain trainer" can cost you, but there are also other exercises like puzzle , Logic Games , of letters and of table that can help your mind We must bear in mind that the brain develops when it repeats certain abilities. So, you can continue with a type of problem solving game.

According to research conducted by the University of Alabama, United States, directed by Dr. Karlene Ball, brain training helps improve memory.

In his research, there were four groups of people. A group did not receive any type of training. The other three groups had different types of training.

According to the results of the research, the three groups that received memory training showed an improvement in their mental functions. Those who underwent training sessions showed a development in their way of processing information and reasoning faster.

Those who did not receive any, did not present progress in their mental activities. Apart from improving memory, there are studies that show that brain training also had an effect on the mind's alertness and the ability to remain in a positive mood.

Training, however, is not a standard program for everyone. A specific program may work for one person, but may not produce significant effects on another. This is the reason why you should start with the knowledge of your brain and get an idea of ​​what would be right for you.

In these studies the training not only lasted a couple of weeks, but extended to two years. Brain training is an option that is based on the importance of maintaining and developing your mental health.

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