Training for the two hemispheres of the brain

The brain is so complex that it needs to be divided into two equal parts called hemispheres. Each one is in charge of different functions. Although there is a dominant part in each person, it will help a lot if you are informed of activities that can help balance brain processes.

Your left hemisphere is responsible for presenting information in a systematic and orderly manner. Analyze step by step on the basis of facts and logic, with the aim of achieving a more rational and definitive solution for any conflict. This side of your brain helps you face life on a positive note based on the reality of daily life. On the other hand, it is mathematically inclined and oriented verbally.

The left hemisphere can be perfected, focusing on activities that can sharpen its ability to solve problems. The simplest way is by solving puzzles and crosswords. If you intend to reach a higher level of improvement of the left side of the brain there are several experiments.

Choose a subjective theme that has its roots in the creative aspect of the arts and music. Review all the reasoning, control yourself and speak calmly, without presenting too much emotion. Click on its logical and rational side in order to produce a detailed dissection of the selected theme. Do this religiously and you will be surprised at the improvement you can achieve.


The domain of the hemispheres

If you are not prepared for a verbal examination you can deal with the painting, work your hemisphere. Call the services on the left side of the brain to prevent your emotions from intervening. Make basic use of mathematics and graphic design in quadrants. Make a plan of the strokes and analysis of the synthesis of color and relationships.

The right part of your brain is the subjective home of the artist and his intuitive entity. Unchains visual processes that allow you to see beyond the real image. With his innate ability to mix and match different ideas, he is able to establish a landscape that is commonly neglected by his left counterpart.

The domain of the right hemisphere can be obtained by participating in games that challenge your brain to go through the tasks in a single moment. You must be able to think outside the box, to reach the answers and be successful. By exposing themselves to these activities, the levels of intuition, memory, concentration and creativity have increased.

There are other ways to exercise the right area of ​​your brain. Listen to music and use your non-dominant hand to write or draw. While in it, keep a constant flow of creative judgment. Although singing and painting are common things in your right hemisphere of the brain, you may want to spice things up by adding spontaneity.

Frequency is a vital element in the formation of the brain. Each party should become familiar with the activities they have chosen. 10 to 15 minutes is a good time. Exercise your left side in the morning and let the right one for the afternoon.

Video Medicine: How to Activate both hemispheres of the Brain - Super Consciousness - Mathew LaCroix (June 2024).