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The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that breast cancer is the most frequent in women. According to data from National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI) In Mexico, during 2011, a total of 30 women out of every 100 who leave a hospital due to malignant tumors have breast cancer.

The main factors that are related to breast cancer explains the WHO they are the increase in age, the early onset of menarche, late menopause or the beginning of reproductive life after 30 years and null or short-term breastfeeding.

Therefore in GetQoralHealth we introduce you to 3 celebrities who have suffered breast cancer ..

1. Alejandra Guzmán. According to the portal Univision In 2007, a 5-millimeter cyst was extirpated to the singer Alejandra Guzmán. Now she is a spokesperson for a foundation that promotes self-exploration and medical studies.

2. Alicia Machado. In CNN the actress revealed having suffered breast cancer detected during the month of July. He has managed to overcome the disease.

3. Angelica Maria. He had breast cancer in 1997 and a tumor was removed to finally rebuild his breast, reports Univisión. Now it helps women suffering from breast cancer.

Another actress who has shown support in campaigns in the fight against cancer is Sofia Vergara who reports for the magazine "Health and Heart" his fight against thyroid cancer at 28 years old.


Touch yourself!

The Pan American Health Association (PAHO) It points to cancer as the second cause of death in Latin America, and to breast cancer as the cause of most deaths of Latin American women

Data of the WHO They also indicate that worldwide breast cancer represents 16% of all those that occur in the female sex, and that early detection is the fundamental strategy for diagnosis, control and timely treatment.

Do not forget that the first step in any disease is prevention and that early detection of breast cancer can save your life. Beware!