Top 5 slimming yoga postures

After the Christmas celebrations, it is very common to find a few extra kilos and out of shape, so before starting a new year, it is good to start or resume the exercise. Such is the case of yoga , discipline that has postures that help you lose weight and recover your figure.

exist postures that help you slim down Because they encourage greater balance in all body systems, they are effective for burn calories accumulated and tone your muscles, among other mental benefits that help you recover your figure.


Top 5 slimming yoga postures

According to a study of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , published in Journal of the American Dietetic Association , the yoga allows you to lose weight in the long term in a natural and effective way, especially when practicing the following postures :

1. Posture Greeting to the sun. It is one of the postures more complete for all the physical and mental work involved. Increases the capacity of resistance of the whole organism by toning all muscles and internal organs, in addition to activating the metabolism to lose weight.

2. Bow posture. Is position It helps you to consume energy and keep your metabolism working fast the rest of the day, in addition to strengthening the muscles of your back and chest.

3. Bridge posture . This exercise allows the chest to be opened and the thyroid gland to be massaged, which helps it release hormones to control the metabolism.

4. Posture of the boat or boat. Is asana Increases physical endurance, which helps you lose weight. Ideal for slim down because it is strength with the abdomen, can be one of the allies to get a flat stomach.

5. Half moon posture. Based on the hip opening, it helps to lose weight because the shoulders and abdomen are also worked. Keep this position allows to strengthen the areas where it accumulates more grease

These postures They give you the potential of yoga to exercise mental control over eating habits, that is, control over what we eat or not, because stopping feeding is not the best strategy to lose weight, but in conjunction with physical activity is achieves total control of the mind and body necessary to recover the figure.

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