Top 5 food vs acne

The acne is the skin problem (skin disease ) more common in adolescents. Although it is unknown what causes it, it is known that factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, the intake of drugs and the use of makeup with excess chemicals, could favor the onset of this dermatological condition.

There are many myths about acne arising from eating too much chocolates or foods rich in fat and chili.

Therefore, experts in dermatology at the University of Mississippi, recommend you take a balance diet, rich in fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water and reduce harmful habits, such as tobacco , alcohol or the lack of dream , since these "aggravate" the condition.


Top 5 food vs acne

1. Vitamin A Beta-carotene . It plays an important role in the control of excessive production of tallow , one of the causes of acne . The foods that contain more beta-carotene They are: apples, asparagus, carrots, spinach, mango, peach, melon and sweet potato.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids . They are indispensable for healthy skin; They help to dilute sebum making it less possible to clog pores. Products that contain more fatty acids Omega 3 They are soybean oil, wheat germ, almonds, salmon and trout.

3. Vitamin B6 . Regulates the levels of hormones involved in the development of the lesions of acne . It is especially useful when these outbreaks are potentiated by the menstrual cycle wave menopause . Foods rich in vitamin B6 are: sweet potato, sunflower seeds, tuna, potatoes, chicken, wild rice, avocado, mango and banana.

4. Zinc . It stimulates the immunizing function, reduces inflammation and helps maintain adequate hormonal levels. Products rich in zinc are: barley, chicken, crab, oysters, lamb, wheat and turkey.

5. Dietary regime that includes 5 or more servings of fresh vegetables and fruits (including at least 1 citrus). This will provide the right amount of vitamins for the skin.

According to the Mexican Dermatology Foundation , you must include good habits of life such as having a balanced diet and practicing some exercise to keep your skin healthy. There are studies that associate acne with the Western diet (rich in fat, carbohydrates and low in fruits), it is recommended to include a lot fiber and decrease the intake of processed foods.

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